Jesse Eisenberg as Josh in NIGHT MOVES, directed by Kelly Reichardt. Photo Credit- Tipping Point. Productions Courtesy of- Cinedigm

Tribeca 2014: Kelly Reichardt’s Tense, Thrilling Night Moves

A group of environmental activists watch a somber film about the slaughter of the planet. A woman’s voice narrates…


Tribeca 2014: Writer/Director Angus MacLachlan’s Goodbye to All That

Writer-director Angus MacLachlan’s Goodbye to All That …includes one of the more frank and pathos-free sex scenes in recent

Earth Day

Earth Day 2014: Hollywood Wants to Write Happy Ending for Planet With Eco Efforts

Hollywood has been celebrating Earth Day for years in order to raise awareness about environmental issues and put their considerable clout…


One Mama Bear, Two Cubs, and Three Filmmakers: Disneynature’s Bears

The world of wildlife filmmaking has changed dramatically in recent years. BBC’s Planet Earth set a new standard. High-definition…

Transcendence hero

A Silicon God: Transcendence Screenwriter Jack Paglen’s Machine Dream

What is every budding screenwriter’s dream? How about having your screenplay land on the coveted Black List in 2012…

Three female directors at the Tribeca Film Festival

2014 Tribeca Film Festival at a Glance—5 Female Directors to Watch

The 2014 Tribeca Film Festival began yesterday, and as we plotted out which films we were going to see…

Nas in 'Time is Ilmatic.' Courtesy Tribeca Film Festival

2014 Tribeca Film Festival at a Glance—5 Hot Docs

The 2014 Tribeca Film Festival begins its 13th season today with the world premiere of the Nas documentary Time …

Out with rebels in Misrata in May 2011, surveying the recent battlefield from a month long siege with Gaddafi's forces. A character from the film, Tarek, took my camera and quickly snapped this shot.

Award Winning Documentarian Rachel Beth Anderson on Filming in Conflict Zones

Rachel Beth Anderson is a cinematographer-turned-director who has spent her career working almost exclusively in conflict zones. She was…


From The Dark Knight Rises to Divergent: Composer Junkie XL

Composer Tom Holkenborg goes by the name Junkie XL.  He is a musician, producer, engineer and composer with a…