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Last week, The Credits attended the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show to check out the newest, cutting-edge technology and  innovation happening in the world of film and television. Voyaging to the Las Vegas Convention Center for CES is a bit of a spiritual pilgrimage for tech fans and gadget devotees, so expectations were reasonably high that we’d see futuristic high-tech finds. Well, 2013 CES certainly delivered–surpassing our paltry little hopes.

We saw things that could have been plucked straight from George Lucas’s wildest dreams: A ‘smart’ refrigerator that suggests recipes based upon its contents, programmable Lego robots, and cars that would make James Bond jealous. Above all, we were thrilled to find that some of the best gadgets at CES this year belonged to the real world of film and television.

Whether it was vision-controlled televisions, cutting-edge home theater surround sound systems, virtual reality stations, the unbelievably clear resolution of 4K screens in sundry sizes, gigantic Ultra-HD TVs, or a wired television that allows you to order a pizza with the click of a remote–this much was clear: CES is the next best thing to waking up in an intensely cool gadget-addled sci-fi epic.

The list goes on. Glasses-less 3D televisions. A 110″ 4K LED television (the biggest, mind you, on record). A commercial-free DVR player. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more surreal, Danny DeVito shows up to screen clips from the new Blu-Ray release of his film Hoffa.

We put together a slideshow of some of our favorite film and television finds at 2013 CES. You’ll find unbelievably thin TV displays, enormous screens, and out-of-this-world picture clarity. Yes, you’ll also find Danny DeVito. Here are a few of our favorite things straight from the convention room floor:

  • Onlookers in awe of the high resolution LG display at CES.
  • Samsung shows off ultra-sleek and crystal clear televisions.
  • Samsung's 110-inch 4K LED television.
  • Seriously thin. Onlookers search for the rest of Samsung's svelte new television sets.
  • Streaming programs and devices like Slingbox and Roku were popular standouts at CES.
  • Social media integrated entertainment was a major trend at CES. Here, Samsung's Social TV shows video recommendations from friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Sony's CES display was as colorful as it was innovative, and a standout among so many excellent exhibits.
  • People mill about surrounded by a seamless Sony display ring. The 360-degree exhibit played music videos, trailers, and clips, while onlookers partook in the ultimate 'surround' experience.
  • Sony employees demo Virtual Reality headsets.
  • The booth for Ultraviolet, the cloud-based licensing system for digital home entertainment content, was a big hit amongst conference-goers.
  • Oh, the horror of manually turning on a television! Haier's Vision Control television allows users to flip through channels via eye movements.
  • Warner Bros' booth showed off merchandise and several of the studio's iconic films.
  • Legendary actor Danny Devito graces the Panasonic stage.
  • Danny Devito screens clips from his film, Hoffa, which is now available on Blu-Ray.
  • Old school cinema and cutting-edge technology intersect at CES.
  • Samsung's Smart TV display boasted four moving, synchronized televisions.
  • A good sign to stick around. A large crowd forms around the Panasonic stage.
  • Energy-efficient television and sustainability were commonplace at CES.
  • Sony's unveiled "the world's first and largest" 56-inch 4K OLED TV at CES.
  • Engadget, the official news source of CES, interviews web series star, Felicia Day.
  • TCL displays the Iron Man 3 trailer on their Ultra HD TV. "Tony Stark's Smart TV Choice."
  • A long-familiar name in the film industry, Technicolor's display boasted a free-wheeling exhibit of home entertainment enhancements, from content evaluation, discovery, connectivity, color science, and watching on the go.

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